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Re: [xmlblaster] admin command to retrieve p2p messages/topics

Michael Justin wrote:
Dear all

Currently I am implementing a (free) admin client GUI for message brokers, including xmlBlaster.

I have successfully used the admin commands to retrieve all kinds of information about the server, the sessions and the topic list.

However I could not find out how I can retrieve additional topic information. The same approach which works with all other nested objects (like sessions, clients) gives an error message for topics. I have used the XML based metadata description on the xmlBlaster home page.

The topic XML which I can retrieve starts with a TopicHandler element, is this the new element name for the topic metadata parts?

Actually I would like to list all topics for P2P messages, if I can access the topic metadata I would try filter out these topics using the admin command.

Many thanks in advance
Hi Michael,

sorry the late response.

Basically, what you can see in jconsole should be
available using messages as well.

You can also try to query xmlBlaster via JMX (same as jconsole does).

Note that for PtP we use normal topics (from Pub/Sub mode)
as a 'vehicle'.

What are the exact query informations you need?


Marcel Ruff
Phone: +49 7551 309371