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Re: [xmlblaster] Java and C#

Hi ..

Marcel, thanx for correcting me  .. I referenced the wrong example  ..
OK to connect using the XML-RPC .. you can check the source code shipped with xmlBlaster source code under the directory 


I think that it contains all what you need to connect ... all the stub code (XmlBlaster.cs in CSharpDrawingDemo project and XmlBlasterClient in XmlBlasterLib project) for connecting to xmlblaster server ....

Marcel, please correct me if I was wrong...


On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 10:53 AM, Marcel Ruff <mr at marcelruff.info> wrote:
Arghad Arnaout wrote:
Hi Mohannad ..
Here you can find a sample on how to write a client in csharp ...

You can start from the code here:

This Hello.cs uses the SOCKET protocol, so no XMLRPC is needed in this case.

But the C# client uses a C DLL beneath (for the SOCKET communication) which is compiled like this:

build c-lib  --> xmlBlaster/lib/libxmlBlasterClientCD.so

If you are on Linux a .so, on Windows a .dll is generated.
On Windows you need the Visual Studio compiler
and if on Linux you need the gcc or icc and mono

First you have to start the server with XMLRPC support and then you can start your .NET client ...

Hope this help you ..

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 9:54 AM, Mohannad <r.mohannad at gmail.com <mailto:r.mohannad at gmail.com>> wrote:

   Dear sir,

   I need to make a small communication using XMLblaster between two
   objects : Java and C#.

   Mr.Zied made a file /(Attached)/ for testing latency in Java and I
   need to make the same but in C# to make that small communication.

   Could any body help please?



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