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Re: [xmlblaster] Variable substitution in xmlBlasterPlugins.xml

Salut Christian,
you are right, as it looks like now there is currently no replacement of such variables in the plugins. One fast solution would be to let your plugin extend the GlobalInfo (which is a base class for plugins in the contrib package). This way the transformation would be done implicitly. If you do that, you should move your init(...) Code to doInit(...) (and make sure not to overwrite the init method).


christian chevalley wrote:

Hi Guys,

I am not sure I have missed something here, but it seems to me that configuration variable substitution is not implemented for attributes in xmlBlasterPlugins.xml. This is working fine with the properties file (xmlBlaster.properties) but doesn’t work as described in engine.runlevel. I have tried various possibilities but no luck so far:

-Dxcare.partition.base=${PARTITION_BASE} on the command line followed by :

<plugin id='JobScheduler' create='true' className='…'>

<attribute id='config'>${xcare.partition.base}/profiles/jobs.xml</attribute>


In xmlBlasterPlugins.xml. ‘xcare.partition.base’ Is not substituted. The same is true whenever using ${java.io.tmpdir} or other java environment variable.

Is it the plugin’s responsibility to perform the variable substitution?

Cheers -- Christian