xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

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Packages that use RunlevelManager
org.xmlBlaster This is the main package of the xmlBlaster distribution. 
org.xmlBlaster.engine The core implementation. 

Uses of RunlevelManager in org.xmlBlaster

Fields in org.xmlBlaster declared as RunlevelManager
private  RunlevelManager Main.runlevelManager
          Starts/stops xmlBlaster

Uses of RunlevelManager in org.xmlBlaster.engine

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.engine declared as RunlevelManager
private  RunlevelManager AvailabilityChecker.runlevelManager
private  RunlevelManager ServerScope.runlevelManager

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine that return RunlevelManager
 RunlevelManager ServerScope.getRunlevelManager()
          Initialize runlevel manager used to start/stop xmlBlaster with different run levels.

xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

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