Hints about the C client library usage.

The C client library

The xmlBlaster C client library supports access to xmlBlaster with asynchronous callbacks. Details about compilation and its usage can be found in the http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/client.c.socket.html requirement.

As a C developer your entry point to use is the struct XmlBlasterAccessUnparsed and a complete overview demo code is HelloWorld3.c

The C persistent queue

There is a C based persistent queue available. Currently this C client library and the queue implementation are used in the C++ client library for easy xmlBlaster connection and client side queuing. As a C developer your entry point to use is the struct I_QueueStruct and a source code example is TestQueue.c

For details read the http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/client.c.queue.html requirement.

The C++ client library

The C++ client library offers many extended client side features compared to the C library. If you need those additional features and the library size is not the primary concern you should consider to use the C++ library.

For details read the http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/client.cpp.html requirement and look at the API documentation at http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/doxygen/cpp/html/index.html