client/protocol/corba/CompatibleCorba.h File Reference

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std::string to_string (const CORBA::Exception &ex)
std::string corbaWStringToString (const char *src)
const char * toCorbaWString (const std::string &src)

Function Documentation

std::string corbaWStringToString ( const char *  src  ) 

std::string to_string ( const CORBA::Exception &  ex  ) 

Referenced by org::xmlBlaster::client::protocol::corba::CorbaConnection::initAuthenticationService(), org::xmlBlaster::client::protocol::corba::NameServerControl::NameServerControl(), org::xmlBlaster::client::protocol::corba::NameServerControl::resolve(), and org::xmlBlaster::TestLogin::setUp().

const char* toCorbaWString ( const std::string &  src  )