serverIdl Namespace Reference

Declaration of common types. More...


struct  MessageUnit
 This contains all informations about a Message and the Message itself. More...
exception  XmlBlasterException
 Exception class for xmlBlaster interface. More...
interface  Server
 This is an easy to use, message based, communication middleware interface. More...


typedef string XmlType
typedef sequence< XmlTypeXmlTypeArr
typedef sequence< octet > ContentType
typedef sequence< MessageUnitMessageUnitArr

Detailed Description

Declaration of common types.

Typedef Documentation

typedef sequence<octet> serverIdl::ContentType

Definition at line 41 of file xmlBlaster.idl.

typedef sequence<MessageUnit> serverIdl::MessageUnitArr

Definition at line 56 of file xmlBlaster.idl.

typedef string serverIdl::XmlType

Definition at line 37 of file xmlBlaster.idl.

typedef sequence<XmlType> serverIdl::XmlTypeArr

Definition at line 39 of file xmlBlaster.idl.