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Newbie with newbie Problems...

Title: Newbie with newbie Problems...
Hello All...

I'm trying to get XMLBLASTER to work, so I can join you all...
unfortunately my LINUX development expirience can be listed by "cat

My linux expirience is better (at least a little) but mostly on the
operating/installation side. (setting up file-servers, firewalls,
routes, etc).

I'm an Expirience developer, but new to linux...

Get xmlBlaster (CVS) to run on my machine.

Steps Taken:
  1. Got cvs downloaded as described in HTML on your website. (did this as
    	user "jerry")
  2. Installed IBM JDK 1.3 using YAST (SuSE 7.0).  Confirmed with "java
  3. Executed "export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jdk1.3" to create java home... (was
    	not defined)
  4. su root, "cp config/orb.properties $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/orb.properties"
    	because "jerry" did not have write/create permission.
  5. Execued "java -jar lib/xmlBlaster.jar" as user jerry and got error:
    	"Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from
Further investigation shows that the xmlblaster.jar does not exist on
my machine...

I Assume the the xmlBlaster.jar is part of the "executable"
distribution and not part of CVS?

I looked in to the second installation method, (acutally the one I need
to use...) but it speaks of Extending a bunch of JAVA environment
variables which are not defined!

Question 1
Since not a single JAVA_... environment variable was defined, I guess
my java development environment is not correctly installed....
(Correct?).  Or is it that in a Virgin environment I'm just to define

Question 2
I realise that this question is placed in the wrong newsgroup but....
where do I put theese exports so they get exectued at login?

Thanking you in advance for your time
Newbie Jerry

Is it okay to HTML to format theese messages?  I don't see anyone else
doing it!  Is this 
another NO NO?