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Re: gnu autoconf

Cory Bennett wrote:
> I tweaked the autoconf files to now put all the class files in the classes
> directory and build the jar file from there.  I also cleaned up the makefiles a
> bit.
> I will look into the c++ builds next.
> -Cory
Good, step 1 is done!

I just tried it and it looks promising.

These problems remain (besides your README.autoconf) on my Linux box:

- RMI is not compiled proper, there is a error message
  on xmlBlaster startup:


- make[7]: Entering directory
if /usr/bin/test ! -f xmlBlaster.idl.done ||  /usr/bin/test -n
"`/usr/bin/find . ( -name "*.idl" ) -newer "xmlBlaster.idl.done"`"; then
    /usr/bin/idl -p org.xmlBlaster.protocol.corba -d
/home/ruff/xmlBlaster/src/java xmlBlaster.idl; \
            if /usr/bin/test xmlBlaster.idl ; then \
                /usr/bin/touch xmlBlaster.idl.done; \
            fi \
unknown option: -p

The gmake choose an idl compiler from the system 
and not the idl from xmlBlaster/bin

- Some sort of 'gmake test' which starts xmlBlaster and
  the testsuite should be integrated as well in a future step


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de