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c++ autoconf added

I just checked in a new xmlBlaster-autoconf.tar.gz.

It should build the c++ clients under src/c++ and testsuite/c++.

At this point in testsuite/c++ only TestGet, TestLogin, TestSub and RamTest
actually compile.  for the client* they seem to be missing BlasterCallback_skel
and I dont know where that is from.

Also the TestLogin and TestSub seem to start, but they core dump (SEGV) when
run. That may be due to some compile option I am missing, but I didnt see

Currently by default configure will not set up the c++ compile.  So for c++
configure --with-cpp

Also right now it only configures for mico and xerces-c, so it wont check for
Orbacus yet.

If you have mico or xerces-c in non-standard locations, then you have to supply
--with-mico=DIR and --with-xerces-c=DIR to configure.

I am guessing that there will be problems with this, but it seems to work on my
Linux box.  If you see any issues please let me know.