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Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: jacOrb]]

Mark J Stang wrote:

Marcel Ruff wrote:

Mark J Stang wrote:

I posted this message on the dbXML list tonight.   Does
anyone here have any ideas?   Has anyone tried to subsitute

I have been doing all of my testing with dbXML and
so far everything has gone well.   Tonight, I tried to
integrate xmlBlaster and dbXML.   They both use
corba, xmlBlaster uses jacOrb.   I believe that
dbXML is based on openOrb.   A while back someone
tested dbXML with jacOrb and had it running.

I have two choices:
1) Switch dbXML to jacOrb.
2) Switch out xmlBlaster and replace it with something else.

I don't believe that xmlBlaster can be switched(easily) to

Michele switched the Orb a while ago to orbaccus,
i think it is not a big deal.

Point 2) is no good idea :-)

What are your errors/exceptions, how does your architecture look like?


Here is my error.   It actually occurs in dbXML code:

[ New connection to ]
at org.dbxml.core.FaultCodes.createXMLDBException(FaultCodes.java:238)
at org.dbxml.client.xmldb.DatabaseImpl.getCollection(DatabaseImpl.java:218)
at org.xmldb.api.DatabaseManager.getCollection(DatabaseManager.java:194)
at org.xmldb.api.DatabaseManager.getCollection(DatabaseManager.java:157)

No idea, sorry.

This is interesting, why are you using xmldb on top of dbXml?


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