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Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: jacOrb]]

Reading your response brought up a question. In the client code, where do I
specify which CORBA implementation I am using?

The same as with the server:


The magic is done smart in


so we don't need to manipulate this nasty orb.properties.

But still, the XML stuff or 'encode code' stuff does not work
(same problem as with the server)
I have to investigate this.

I am writing an XML
Server. The server uses dbXML to store the documents. dbXML can be
based on jacOrb or OpenOrb. dbXML is currently running on OpenOrb. So I am an OpenOrb CORBA client to dbXML. I am trying to use xmlBlaster
for the networking. This will allow my clients to "subscribe" to database
changes. So I am a CORBA Client there also. However, the version that I
am using is running on top of jacOrb. So I am a jacOrb Client. So, now I am back to my two options:

1)   Switch everyone to the same CORBA or at least get the clients to
work with both Orbs at the same time.

2) Switch out one component and replace it with a non-CORBA implementation.

I am pretty much locked into dbXML, not many open source XML databases...

So does anyone think it is possible to get one client to talk to two different orbs? Or how do I eliminate all traces of jacOrb from my classpath? By eliminating
all traces, I mean what is imbedded in xmlBlaster that might be in the way or
based on jacOrb?

Don't know yet (see above).

But just use XML-RPC (or RMI) with xmlBlaster and switch off
the CORBA Callback plugin in xmlBlaster.properties (for your
xmlBlaster client code) - and off you go like a rocket to heaven ...

Hmm, i just try to figure out your architecture:

 --------- OpenOrb ----------  XmlRpc  ------------ Any Protocol
 | dbXML |<------->| server |<-------->|xmlBlaster|<------------>
 ---------         ----------          ------------

With 'Any Protocol' i mean any xmlBlaster supported protocol

which is currently CORBA/RMI/XML-RPC, partly EMAIL and Mr.Kakoulis
is working on a SOAP plugin.
(further protocols are implemented easily with xmlBlaster)

Please keep us informed about your progress,


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de