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Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: jacOrb]]

Mark J Stang wrote:
> >Hey!  What's that supposed to mean?
> >It means that dbXML is my database of choice.   It works very well, it
> >
> does what I need it to do.   And as I said, it is the only one that I
> know of that
> is open source.   Also, there are plans to wean dbXML off of CORBA.   I
> have
> considered using a relational database.   If I were to then I would have
> to do it
> right.   That would mean normalizing the database and then get an
> Object/Relational
> Mapping tool to map back to my object model.   Or I would have to use an
> Object Database.   I have looked at both of those.   The Relational/OR
> mapping
> seems unnatural.   The Object database seems more natural in that it
> maps to
> my internal object model.   However, I didn't see an implementation that
> I liked.
> And there isn't a standard.   In my current view of my database needs,
> it appears
> that my data is Hierarchical.   XML maps very well to that.   I
> considered using
> individual XML files for my database.   I would have had to write some
> searching
> and indexing routines.   With dbXML, I don't have to do that.

I was just kidding :)

> My core technology is not a database, it is not messaging, it is not
> Java.   These
> technologies combined with my business logic enable me to create my
> product.
> Having said all of that, sorry for the long rant, I am sticking with
> dbXML, it is
> my technology of choice for database.   I have looked at swiftmq,
> xmlBlaster, Jxta,
> JavaGroups, Jini and sockets as options for my messaging technology.   I
> thought
> I had finalized on xmlBlaster when I ran into the CORBA issue.   My product
> has stopped dead in its tracks while I solve this issue.   So now I am
> re-evaluating
> my messaging options.   I am concerned with how much work it will take
> to get
> xmlBlaster and dbXML to play well with each other.   From my point of view,
> it might take less time to use either a different product or a different
> technology.
> Does anyone have a suggestion?

Actually, the reason I'm on this list is because one of my long-term
covert goals for dbXML has been to use it as the data store for an XML
messaging system, and my first choice is XMLBlaster.  So if there's
anything I can do to help make these two projects play well together,
let me know.  Because we're now an Apache project, we can't use JacORB
(it's got a yucky license), but there's no reason we can't figure out a
way to get OpenORB talking to JacORB.

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