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I am pretty much locked into dbXML, not many open source XML databases...

Hey! What's that supposed to mean?

One of the 'theoretical' beauties of CORBA, especially post-IIOP, but even with GIOP, is that it should no longer matter what ORB code is at each end point, so long as IIOP is being used as the wire protocol between them. There shouldn't be any reason why you couldn't use the JacORB libraries to talk to a server being exposed using OpenORB. Of course, the complexity and generally nastiness of CORBA doesn't make this easy. It is definitely possible to do.

This works usually quite well, if you do only basic CORBA stuff (like
in xmlBlaster).
Our problem is not switching the ORB itself, it seems to work
out of the box, but all the other CLASSPATH library mixture.



Marcel Ruff
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