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Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: jacOrb]]

Hey!  What's that supposed to mean?
It means that dbXML is my database of choice.   It works very well, it

does what I need it to do. And as I said, it is the only one that I know of that
is open source. Also, there are plans to wean dbXML off of CORBA. I have
considered using a relational database. If I were to then I would have to do it
right. That would mean normalizing the database and then get an Object/Relational
Mapping tool to map back to my object model. Or I would have to use an
Object Database. I have looked at both of those. The Relational/OR mapping
seems unnatural. The Object database seems more natural in that it maps to
my internal object model. However, I didn't see an implementation that I liked. And there isn't a standard. In my current view of my database needs, it appears
that my data is Hierarchical. XML maps very well to that. I considered using
individual XML files for my database. I would have had to write some searching
and indexing routines. With dbXML, I don't have to do that. My core technology is not a database, it is not messaging, it is not Java. These
technologies combined with my business logic enable me to create my product. Having said all of that, sorry for the long rant, I am sticking with dbXML, it is
my technology of choice for database. I have looked at swiftmq, xmlBlaster, Jxta,
JavaGroups, Jini and sockets as options for my messaging technology. I thought
I had finalized on xmlBlaster when I ran into the CORBA issue. My product
has stopped dead in its tracks while I solve this issue. So now I am re-evaluating
my messaging options. I am concerned with how much work it will take to get
xmlBlaster and dbXML to play well with each other. From my point of view,
it might take less time to use either a different product or a different technology.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

OK, try the RMI or XML-RPC plugin as mentioned before, you can later still swap to CORBA again, without any code changes (the protocol is hidden behind the java client helper classes). Other clients can still choose independend the protocol they wish to use (a Python client would probably prefer XML-RPC, a C++ client the CORBA stuff), all of it simultaneous.

Yesterday i had a look at dbXML again, and i like it very much,
i will play with it and if it fits to our needs i would
like to integrate it as a persitence layer for xmlBlaster.
I think it would be a cool and smart marriage.

Hopefully on monday i find the time for some first investigations,
sounds promising ...


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de