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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] email receiving [was: Email parsing]

Heinrich Götzger wrote:
Sorry that I change the topic a bit but this seems interessting to me as

I understood to announce a callback for eMail for a certain oid, but then
I'm getting the whole message in the eMail body.

How can I, if it is possible at all, adjust the subscription that I'm only
receiving in the content itself? No key-String and no qos-String, and no

I found the qos-flag already:
        <meta>false</meta>      <!-- Don't send me the xmlKey meta data on updates -->

<qos> <meta>false</meta> <!--Don't send me the key meta data on updates--> <content>false</content> <!-- Don't send me the content data on updates (notify only) --> <qos>false</qos> <!-- Don't send me any qos on updates --> </qos>

This was the original idea, i think it is not implemented.
You can just implement it yourself, but
probably we would need a more fine grained approach like:

<qos> <!-- sent with get() or subscribe() -->

   <reply-key excludes='meta,oid'/>

   <reply-content excludes='all'/>

   <reply-qos excludes='sender,rcvTimestamp'/>


excludes='all' would suppress anything of key, content or qos

Default would be to deliver everything,
the "excludes" attribute would reduce the amount.

An "includes" attribute would set the default to
nothing and only the included informations are added.

Finally, a mime type could be of value:

   <reply-qos mime='text/plain' includes='sessionId'/>

could send for example only the plain sessionId
on connect (Cyrille does not need to parse the xml
in Perl anymore to find the sessionId).

If you implement it or parts of it, you have to add the testcases and the requirement docu to be of value.



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