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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Re: [xmlblaster] Bugging me.

Hi Martin,

>If your catering for socks etc, then this is a big plus. I hate socks.
L*ove and hate are close mates ...

>To date I have been able to tunnel GIOP in HTTP using Bi-GIOP. I should like
>to see Bi-GIOP support in xmlBlaster perhaps this something I could
>investigate in time?
This is cool, Konrad Krafft some days ago asked for Bi-GIOP experiences
and it is nice to hear a success story.
Any contributions are welcome, if you investigate you need to
update xmlBlaster/lib/jacorb.jar to the newest and greatest ...

>I am also toying with
>trying to put GIOP through SMTP on port 25.One of the sys admins at work
>recommended this on the basis that most ISP routers give a higher priority
>to email. Believe it or not this is relativly easy with TAO. So the speed
>test comparison might be interesting on long distances requiring a few hops
>;-);-);-) It might be interesting, no socks etc (I think?)
It is always remarkable which strange ways are possible to walk on ...

>just my two Cents as well, I hope not to have offended anyone, I was so
>hoping to make a good impression.
We all have best impressions about you :-)