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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: [xmlblaster] Bugging me.

I use xmlBlaster with TAO. TAO spits, and rightly so at your corba string
allocation. Recall any strings returned are to be managed by the ORB and
should use string_dup() as string_free() shall be invoked MH and SV Advanced
CORBA Prog p288. What does mico do. Orbacus costs so much now sinse IONA
bought it and only has trial downloads now so who cares about that ;-)

as an example:

char *ping(const char *qos) {
  return CORBA::string_dup(""); // instead of just "";

Martin, could you please commit your fix?

Also the 'c' xmlrpc demo client.c around 222 (sorry no diff)

while((n=read(fd, buf, BUFFSIZE)) > 0) {
    buf[n] = NULL;  // really needs this or you will probably buffer
overrun on some platforms.
    strcat(data, buf);

This as well :)