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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: [xmlblaster] Problem with build C++ DLL on Windows2000



I am so close yet so far. I have build file for ant compiling (it is no fine
example but still learning).
It is failing to take the <libset> I require for the build. I have tried
every permutation I can find

I have also had trouble getting <libset/> to take a <libpath/> nested
element, but have worked around with a  <linkerarg/> pasted below is where
I'm at. Any clues. All I need is the for the additional libs to appear in
the linker command line with the obj files just built.

Any other feedback is good to.


  <target name="cpp-lib" depends="prepare-idl">
    <mkdir dir="${build.dir}/obj"/>
    <cc debug="true" link="shared"
      outfile="${lib.dir}/xmlBlasterClient" objdir="${build.dir}/obj"
      multithreaded="true" exceptions="true">
      <!-- <compiler refid="gcc"/> -->
      <compiler refid="msvc"/>
      <!-- <compiler refid="bcc"/> -->
      <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/generated" includes="*C.cpp"/>
      <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/generated" includes="*S.cpp"/>
      <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/util" includes="*.cpp" />
      <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/client" includes="*.cpp" />
      <includepath location="${ms.path}/include" />
      <includepath location="${ms.path}/mfc/include" />
      <includepath location="${ms.path}/atl/include" />
      <includepath location="${src.cpp.dir}" />
      <includepath location="${src.cpp.dir}/generated" />
      <!-- sysincludepath location="${STL_HOME}/stlport" /-->
      <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}" />
      <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}/TAO" />
      <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}/ace" />
      <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}/TAO/tao" />
      <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}/TAO/orbsvcs" />
      <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/src"/>            <!-- xerces
win32 -->
      <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/include" />       <!-- xerces
1.6.0 -->
      <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/src/xercesc" />   <!-- Since
xerces 1.7.0 that I have -->
      <linker name="msvc" if="use-msvc">
        <!-- <linkerarg value="-Xs"/> -->
        <libset id="libs" libs="aced.lib, TAOd.lib, TAO_PortableServerd.lib,
TAO_CosNamingd.lib, xerces-c_1D.lib" />
      <linkerarg value="/LIBPATH:${corba.home}/TAO ${corba.home}/ace
${corba.home}/TAO/tao" />
        <define name="TAO" value="1" />
        <define name="WIN32" value="1" />
        <define name="_DEBUG" value="1" />
        <define name="_WINDOWS" value="1" />
        <define name="_MBCS" value="1" />
        <define name="_USRDLL" value="1" />
        <define name="DLL_BUILD" value="1" />
        <!-- undefine name="UNWANTEDDEF" / -->