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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Re: [xmlblaster] Problem with build C++ DLL on Windows2000

Martin Johnson wrote:



I am so close yet so far. I have build file for ant compiling (it is no fine
example but still learning).
It is failing to take the <libset> I require for the build. I have tried
every permutation I can find

I have also had trouble getting <libset/> to take a <libpath/> nested
element, but have worked around with a  <linkerarg/> pasted below is where
I'm at. Any clues. All I need is the for the additional libs to appear in
the linker command line with the obj files just built.

Any other feedback is good to.

Hi Martin,

just send the mail to ant-contrib mailing list,
Curt Arnold coded the cpptasks and is usually willing
to clarify.



 <target name="cpp-lib" depends="prepare-idl">
   <mkdir dir="${build.dir}/obj"/>
   <cc debug="true" link="shared"
     outfile="${lib.dir}/xmlBlasterClient" objdir="${build.dir}/obj"
     multithreaded="true" exceptions="true">
     <!-- <compiler refid="gcc"/> -->
     <compiler refid="msvc"/>
     <!-- <compiler refid="bcc"/> -->
     <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/generated" includes="*C.cpp"/>
     <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/generated" includes="*S.cpp"/>
     <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/util" includes="*.cpp" />
     <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/client" includes="*.cpp" />
     <includepath location="${ms.path}/include" />
     <includepath location="${ms.path}/mfc/include" />
     <includepath location="${ms.path}/atl/include" />
     <includepath location="${src.cpp.dir}" />
     <includepath location="${src.cpp.dir}/generated" />
     <!-- sysincludepath location="${STL_HOME}/stlport" /-->
     <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}" />
     <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}/TAO" />
     <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}/ace" />
     <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}/TAO/tao" />
     <sysincludepath location="${corba.home}/TAO/orbsvcs" />
     <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/src"/>            <!-- xerces
win32 -->
     <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/include" />       <!-- xerces
1.6.0 -->
     <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/src/xercesc" />   <!-- Since
xerces 1.7.0 that I have -->
     <linker name="msvc" if="use-msvc">
       <!-- <linkerarg value="-Xs"/> -->
       <libset id="libs" libs="aced.lib, TAOd.lib, TAO_PortableServerd.lib,
TAO_CosNamingd.lib, xerces-c_1D.lib" />
     <linkerarg value="/LIBPATH:${corba.home}/TAO ${corba.home}/ace
${corba.home}/TAO/tao" />
       <define name="TAO" value="1" />
       <define name="WIN32" value="1" />
       <define name="_DEBUG" value="1" />
       <define name="_WINDOWS" value="1" />
       <define name="_MBCS" value="1" />
       <define name="_USRDLL" value="1" />
       <define name="DLL_BUILD" value="1" />
       <!-- undefine name="UNWANTEDDEF" / -->