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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] how to diagnose subscriber that stops getting messages after a while?

Ok, these clues have helped me track this down.

My Python socket protocol client is apparently not 100% finished.

If an exception is raised in application code handling an message unit, what 
should the client layer do?

Currently  it falls down. the socket pumper thread is killed and inbound messages 
are dead. meanwhile outgoing messages keep working, hence heartbeat survives 
and the client is "alive" from xmlblaster's standpoint.


from an api preference standpoint, if the application code raises an exception 
while processing a message, should the client layer generate an exception 
message unit and send it back to xmlblaster?

Or should it print some diags and kill the entire connection (as if the server had 
terminated it).. in which case the application detects that and restarts. 

I'm not sure what the best default behaviour should be. I think sending an 
exception back to the server is correct, but who'se going to notice that?

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