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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] how to diagnose subscriber that stops getting messages after a while?

On 14 Jul 2006 at 10:15, Michele Laghi wrote:

> Hi Brad,
> my rougth guess is that you got an exception on the client code which
> then is transformed by the library to a Communication Holdback exception.
> (you can verify this by analyzing the error message you got when it
> stopped delivering).

Actually my client library just died, and never responded to the incoming update 

So indeed, it "hangs".

But then the next question is, after I disconnect the client and re-login the client 
(using positive session id), why doesn't xmblaster start delivering messages 

> You can verify/change that by opening your jconsole:
> org.xmlBlaster/node/{yourNode}/....{yourSession}

I will check this if it happens again, but I don't believe the dispatcher was not 
active when I checked last time.

And, I think it should be normal behaviour that if the client logs in again, the 
dispatcher should be reactivated by itself. At least in my case where those only 
one login session allowed and its persistent.

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