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Re: Need more info on xmlBlaster

Himanshu wrote:
> Hi Marcel,
> We'are trying to use your product xmlBlaster for pilot based
> applications like retailer and B2B type scenarios. I'm pretty much
> impressed with your XML based messaging and protocol indepenent
> archictecture so nicely done. In fact we are also into product i.e.
> corba based application server (CCM), but MOM is something we are unable
> to offer to our customers. Don't worry, we are kinda start up and trying
> sell solutions not our product at the moment. We are suggesting XML
> blaster as long as CORBA is there. The customer is very much curious
> about xmlBlaster features in comparison to other products like TIBCO,
> eGATE etc. I tried to dig up something from your site, but unable to
> provide best answer so far. Some queries are as follows:

OK, you really want to know the whole story :-)

> 1. What's difference between your MOM and CORBA notification service?
> Can I intergrate both?

Sorry, it is long time ago that i had a look into the CORBA
notification service.
Integrating both, i believe, should be no problem.

> 2. Can MOM be integrated into some Application server to provide more
> infrastructure services such as load balancing, fault tolerance etc?

There is an integration of xmlBlaster into jboss EJB-server as a message
driven bean.
I tryed jboss (http:www.jboss.org) and i am impressed by jboss,
but i never used the message driven bean embedding.

See http://www.jboss.org/documentation/HTML/ch07s03.html

> 3. How about integrating with large scale application , specially
> retailer. What kind of infrastrucure enhancement will be required (MOM
> engine) on your side?

I don't understand this question.
Do you think of some master/slave xmlBlaster servers?

> 4. What're advantages/disadvatages of using xmlBlaster over existing
> product like TIBCO, eGATE?

advantage: xmlBlaster is cooler
            you can enhance xmlBlaster easily (open source)
            it is protocol independend (xmlrpc, corba, soap ...)
            it runs on all java based platforms
            xmlblaster is xml based (with XPath query language)
            it is free

disadvantage: Many services (qos) are missing in xmlblaster
            but the framework allows coding them without
            breaking the client server interface.
            This is especially the pluginable
            authentication/authorization code
            (which is coded on a branch but not yet merged)
            and the still weak callback framework (my personel
            TODO prio).
            Possibly there are many more disadvantages

> > 5. MOM mesage format: Is it some kind of standard or propritory? How do > I extend to B2B scanario?

    The standard is possibly MQ-series from IBM,
    Java JMS tries to be a standard as well.

> 6. How much Qos support is there in comparision to other MOM based
> product? Is your QoS sufficicent for application development? Do I need
> more things like routing policies, request priority, security policies
> such as ACL etc.

Security and ACL is implemented by Wolfgang but not yet merged
into the main code.
Many other policies are missing, and should be implemented
by people using xmlblaster and missing such a piece ...

> I'll appreciate your kind help for answering these questions. If you
> have some kind of white paper, it'll also be great help to us.

There is only our homepage with mailing list, white paper, requirement
documents etc.
Escpecially a tutorial is missing.

There are many possible solutions for MOM problems, and not in first instance the tool but the skill of your development team will bring the success.

The tool which your team thinks is the coolest
will be the right choice.

best regards


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de