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Re: Some interogation

Georges Gomes wrote:
> Hi !
> First of all I want to congratule all the xmlBlaster developers. I think the
> XML/XPATH design is fantastic!

Thanks, :-)

> I want to use xmlBlaster for a new project but I have some questions :
> - Is is possible to have all messages from the begin with the get() methods.
> I connect, I request all messages (get)... I disconnect and reconnect and I
> want xmlblaster to give me again all messages... (I don't want to store
> messages on client side). Is that possible ?

Not currently, see the OPEN requirements:


These reqs and the change request


are my favourite TODOs, but first i have to earn some
money again before i can start implementing it
(otherwise my wife upbraids me).

> - I want to get and subscribe to a XPATH. Is that possible in a clean way
> without loosing any message even when i'm receiving new messages during my
> get() ?

I think so.



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