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Re: xmlBaster help need...........

Murali Ravipati wrote:
*Hai All,*

* I'm unable to find the some specific points.. can I get some help from you all(thanks)?? *

*1. I wrote a client and I want to install that in another machine so what property i need to set so *

* that the client finds the server in other machine?*

e.g. java javaclients.ClientSub -iorHost <the_server_host> -iorPort 7609

*2. Can anybody help me in understanding details of key, qos? *

The key carries the meta information of your messsages, you define it. The qos is the fixed services xmlblaster offers, to control the behaviour of xmlblaster.

*3. Do I need to install xmlBlaster in the client machine also?? i.e every subscriber also needs *

* to load xmlBlaster?? *

You need the basic jar files on the client side as well, but no xmlblaster is started on the client side.

*4. Where will xmlBlaster store the subscribers list, how it recognizes the exisiting subscriber? *

The subscriber list is memory based.

*may these look simple to you but i'm just entered in this world. Hope everyone helps in this*

*Hope immediate reply...    Thanks in advance.....*


*Murali Ravipati*



Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de