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Re: xmlBaster help need...........

Murali Ravipati wrote:

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Subject: Re: xmlBaster help need...........

> > *1. I wrote a client and I want to install that in another machine so > > what property i need to set so * > > * that the client finds the server in other machine?* e.g. java javaclients.ClientSub -iorHost <the_server_host> -iorPort 7609

*Is there any way i can set(Methods) the server name and the port in the program instead of giving at the command line??*

Yes, in xmlBlaster.properties or pass them with the args (the same notation as on command line):

   XmlBlasterConnection blasterConnection = new XmlBlasterConnection(args);

> > *2. Can anybody help me in understanding details of key, qos? * > > The key carries the meta information of your messsages, you define it. > The qos is the fixed services xmlblaster offers, to control the > behaviour of xmlblaster. > > >

*Actually when i create the qos instead of default the when ever i run the subscribeMessage it's not recognizing, if i use default then it's recognizing? what's the problem??*

*Here I'm giving qos , which i wrote*

* String qos="<qos>"+
          "<destination queryType=\"EXACT\">"+
             " murali"+

*but If use the following default one*

*                  PublishQosWrapper publishQos = new PublishQosWrapper();*

*                  String qos = publishQos.toXml();*

*it's working fine

Strange :-)

*> > *3. Do I need to install xmlBlaster in the client machine also?? i.e
 > > every subscriber also needs *
 > >
 > > *    to load xmlBlaster?? *
 > You need the basic jar files on the client side as well, but no
 > xmlblaster is started on the client side.

*Did they need to be in the classpath(i think)?


*> >
 > > *4. Where will xmlBlaster store the subscribers list, how it recognizes
 > > the exisiting subscriber? *
 > The subscriber list is memory based.

*That is either in file or in database right? Did all the framework for this storage is already done or we need to write??

The subscriber list is memory based only.


Marcel Ruff
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