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Re: [xmlblaster] Quick question

Maurice Finbarr O'Brien wrote:
Hi Marcel,
The first case that you mentioned is exactly what i
would require,this is not necessary at the moment as
it is only a cosmetic issue and i have to put any
further development of my system on hold, my project
is due in a few days time however i may continue
development of it when i do finish college.
As for the PtP callback issue, i simply used a number
of if statements in the update() method for the
Callback implementation that i supplied with the
initial login() to XMLBlaster,not exactly rocket
science, it gets what i want done but is probably not
suitable for others.

Ok, we need to address this in a more elegant way one day.

Thanks for your response, perhaps someday i might be
able to contribute something worthwhile to the
XMLBlaster project.

You are welcome :-)


Currently there is no such QoS, adding a QoS to
an update of an existing message on subscribe would

So i wait until you come back with this issue, as i'm quite busy in the moment.



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