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Re: [xmlblaster] Message Queuing Question

Hamdi Mohs Yusof wrote:


I'm starting to try out XmlBlaster and found that the installation is simple, and the examples are a great help in understanding the basic stuff to use XmlBlaster. Thanks.

I have one question though. I'm wondering whether XmlBlaster can handle this scenario:
A and B subscribe to Server1. C publish, say 10 messages to Server1. Instead of Server1 resend the 10 messages to both A and B, Server1 sends 5 messages to A and the other 5 to B.

Ok, sounds nice. But what is the rule behind this scenario?

Is it load balancing, say 1,3,5,7,9 are sent to A and 2,4,6,8,10 are sent to B?

Subscribe rules are in this case:

  subscribe: A-filter = (msg.instanceCounter % 2) == 0

  subscribe: B-filter = (msg.instanceCounter % 2) == 1

As there could be millions of different rules, do you have an idea
how to handle this as a generic QoS for xmlBlaster?

But there is a solution for you - our access filter plugin framework:

Write an AccessFilter plugin and filter your subscribes with any
rule you like, please read:




It is very simple to write your own plugin,



This is possible. Is there an example in XmlBlaster that I overlooked that demonstrates this?

Any help is appreciated.