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Re: [xmlblaster] Message Queuing Question

Thanks for the reply. I'm just thinking of a simple round robin rule. If there are x number of subscribers, I need to keep track of the next subscriber to send to.

For example, say there are 5 subscribers (S1 until S5) and 8 new messages (M1 until M8). First round, all 5 subscribers will get 1 message (S1 gets M1, S2 gets M2 ... S5 gets M5). Second round, S1 gets M6 .... S3 gets M8. The next message that comes in will be sent to S4.

Is AccessFilter plugin the right way to go about this? I certainly don't mind digging deep into it if it is.



Marcel Ruff wrote:

Hamdi Mohs Yusof wrote:


I'm starting to try out XmlBlaster and found that the installation is simple, and the examples are a great help in understanding the basic stuff to use XmlBlaster. Thanks.

I have one question though. I'm wondering whether XmlBlaster can handle this scenario:
A and B subscribe to Server1. C publish, say 10 messages to Server1. Instead of Server1 resend the 10 messages to both A and B, Server1 sends 5 messages to A and the other 5 to B.

Ok, sounds nice.
But what is the rule behind this scenario?

Is it load balancing, say 1,3,5,7,9 are sent to A and 2,4,6,8,10 are sent to B?

Subscribe rules are in this case:

  subscribe: A-filter = (msg.instanceCounter % 2) == 0

  subscribe: B-filter = (msg.instanceCounter % 2) == 1

As there could be millions of different rules, do you have an idea
how to handle this as a generic QoS for xmlBlaster?

But there is a solution for you - our access filter plugin framework:

Write an AccessFilter plugin and filter your subscribes with any
rule you like, please read:




It is very simple to write your own plugin,



This is possible. Is there an example in XmlBlaster that I overlooked that demonstrates this?

Any help is appreciated.