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Re: [xmlblaster] Multi-homed machine

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

java org.xmlBlaster.Main -help

you find options for adjusting ports, hostnames etc for all protocols.



Hmm.. ok, I can do this: -xmlrpc.hostname=, and I get my
default any-address bind, which is good.  However, it would also
be *very* nice to be able to specify a list of addresses to bind
to.  My machine has 6 addresses (7 if you include localhost),
plus potentially lots more virtual addresses.  I may not want to
expose this service to all interfaces, and throwing firewall
rules in all over the place gets rather messy.

In an ideal world, I would like to be able to do this:

XML-RPC running on these ports, for example:
(out of the 7 available)

I did attempt to specify multiple xmlrpc.hostname property values
(or on the command line), but all that happened was it picked up
the last (or first) defined value ignoring the others.

I think this options are specific to each protocol. So, protocol comes from other developper team than xmlBlaster project ... Perhaps it should be hard to ask for that option to each developper team. Am I wrong ??


I don't think a java.net.Socket can be given two ore more specific IPs.

So we would need to change the plugin interface to allow instantiating
the same protocol driver multiple times - with the possibility to
set properties for each seperately.

Another possibility could be a seperate port forwarding on your host
like 'portfwd', 'ssh -L ..' or any other suitable tool.

Any better idea around?