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Re: [xmlblaster] volatile message problem

not about the error, but about Perl.

You are using xmlBlaster::*.pm.
Are that packages good enough ?
did you make some changes to make them better ?


David Kerry wrote:

Ok folks, another volatile message bug...

This time, it seems that not all subscribers get updated when
a volatile message is published.  Sometimes it makes it to all
of them, sometimes only one.

Attached is a perl test program that demonstrates the problem.

Just run xmlblaster locally, then run the test program against
it like this:

perl server2.pl

(substitute appropriate xml-rpc port above as necessary).

It starts 4 callback clients, all with different logins, but
the same xpath subscription.  Then it publishes one message
that will match that xpath.

Every update callback that gets invoked will print 'UPDATE'
from the corresponding client.

The problem is I only get one update, when there should be
4 of them (one for each subscriber).

You'll have to kill off the forked perl processes by hand
for now - I didn't bother putting in shutdown code to get
it to clean up properly.