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Re: [xmlblaster] distributed cluster protocol

Hi Michele,

thanks for the info - this was exactly the level of details I was
looking for. I'll start working on the PublishFilter plugins next
week, and will eventually transition the protocol over when mirroring
becomes available. Do you have a rough idea when this would be ?


On Sat, May 03, 2003 at 03:34:09PM +0200, Michele Laghi wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> I guess the cleanest way to do that is to use the clustering framework. 
> However I think we need Mirroring for that. Unfortunately is Mirroring 
> not implemented yet.
> Meanwhile a solution would be to have a plugin implementing 
> I_PublishFilter on X:
> It would act as a client to A, B and C. In its method intercept it would 
> publish to these servers and thereby automatically get an acknowledge 
> from them.
> Servers A, B, C have another plugin (implementing I_PublishFilter) which 
> acts as a client to the own server. In its intercept method they would 
> publish a PtP message to the client (you have the address of the client 
> in the MsgUnit) simulating that way the acknowledge to the client.
>       <__________PtP____________________
>       <__________PtP__________________  '
> Client <===> Server X<====> Server A--' '
>                     |<====> Server B----'
>                     |<====> Server C----
>       <------PtP------------------------'
> Michele
> Michael Atighetchi wrote:
> >Xmlblaster team,
> >
> >I'm planning on implementating a distributed protocol for pub/sub/and
> >query on top of xmlblaster, and am wondering which plugin would be
> >best fitted to do so.
> >
> >To give you an example of my procotol, and publish will go to a
> >server (X). X then acks the message back to
> >the client, and disseminates the message on to 3 other
> >servers. Each server will then ack the message back to the client (so
> >obviously the message has to contain a client endpoint) and to X. The 
> >client
> >waits for 3 successful acks, and then terminates the publish method.
> >
> >How difficult do you think would it be to implement such a protocol ?
> >Which plugin would one use ?
> >I was looking at I_Plugin and I_PublishFilter, but these plugins seem
> >less to be involved with message routing/handling, which is what I
> >believe I need.
> >
> >
> >Thanks
> >Michael
> >
> >

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