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[xmlblaster] suggested change for I_MsgSecurityInterceptor

I've made the following changes and got the desired behavior in my
security plugin.

1) add the following method to I_MsgSecurityInterceptor
   public MsgUnitRaw importMessage(MsgUnitRaw msg, Global glob, MethodName method) throws XmlBlasterException;

2) In XmlblasterImpl.java, change the importAndAuthorize method to
use the new method
   msgUnit = sessionSecCtx.importMessage(msgUnit, glob, action);

3) add dummy implementation to all security plugins (like Session.java
for htpasswd)

   public MsgUnitRaw importMessage(MsgUnitRaw msg, org.xmlBlaster.engine.Global glob, MethodName action) 
	throws XmlBlasterException {
	return msg;

This allows me to create MsgUnits within the security plugins, and
easily extract information about senders, etc.

What do you think about this approach ? 
If there are no objections, how can I contribute this to the xmlblaster cvs tree ?


matighet at bbn.com   BBN Technologies