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Re: [xmlblaster] adding SSL to xmlBlaster

Madere, Colin wrote:

My project is pretty committed to xmlBlaster, however, our client will
require all communication to be done over SSL with client-certs (PKI).

Some ideas on where to start looking for how much work this is going to be?
I'm already looking into integration with Tomcat for authentication and
authorization, but it seems I will still have to add SSL encrypt/decrypt
functionality to xmlBlaster and all clients for transport layer security.

Hit me with the bad (good?) news.


Hi Colin

You can establish an SSL tunnel, see:


Another possibility is to use JacORB's SSL features, see


If you use RMI or XmlRpc i think there are solutions as well

please report if/how you succeeded (for our FAQ),



PS: Authentication and authorization with tomcat probably requires that you write a security plugin.