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Re: [xmlblaster] suggested change for I_MsgSecurityInterceptor

Michael Atighetchi wrote:

I've made the following changes and got the desired behavior in my
security plugin.

1) add the following method to I_MsgSecurityInterceptor
  public MsgUnitRaw importMessage(MsgUnitRaw msg, Global glob, MethodName method) throws XmlBlasterException;

Is the Global necessary? I think it is known already from the constructor.

2) In XmlblasterImpl.java, change the importAndAuthorize method to use the new method msgUnit = sessionSecCtx.importMessage(msgUnit, glob, action);

3) add dummy implementation to all security plugins (like Session.java
for htpasswd)

public MsgUnitRaw importMessage(MsgUnitRaw msg, org.xmlBlaster.engine.Global glob, MethodName action) throws XmlBlasterException {
return msg;

The old syntax

 MsgUnitRaw importMessage(MsgUnitRaw msg)

can be removed.

This allows me to create MsgUnits within the security plugins, and easily extract information about senders, etc.

What do you think about this approach ? If there are no objections, how can I contribute this to the xmlblaster cvs tree ?

Please send me your public gpg key and i'll send you the cvs write password,