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Re: [xmlblaster] Microsoft SQL Server

Hi Peter,
it seems that there is a problem in defining String as Text for the nodeId. Try to configure as follows:


that is change 'text' to 'varchar(128)'. It seems that text is handled as blob by mySql.


Peter Bennett wrote:
Greetings Michele

This is the first one I have run into...
Will keep working on it over the weekend and see what I can make go...

org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore.cache.PersistenceCachePlugin-msgUnitStore:xmlBlaster_192_168_44_1_3412/__sys__UserList] could not initialize the persistent queue. Is the JDBC Driver jar file in the CLASSPATH ? Is the DB up and running ?XmlBlasterException errorCode=[resource.db.unknown] serverSideException=true node=[xmlBlaster_192_168_44_1_3412] location=[JdbcManagerCommonTable.tablesCheckAndSetup] message=[An unknown error with the backend database using JDBC occurred : java.sql.SQLException: General error, message from server: "BLOB column 'nodeId' used in key specification without a key length"]


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