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Re: [xmlblaster] MySQL

Greetings Michele

I have tested with both MySQL and Postgres with the changes I made hard
coded in as per the last email and the one sql line with blob as the
field name changed to ablob...

Would I be to presumptuous if I made the changes and commited them to
CVS tomorrow? I will call the new mapping notnull=not null.

That is of course if I get it through a few tests to load up some topics
and messages although I expect that the changes will not have any effect
on the overall workings of persistance as long as the prerequisite
of not loading any key fields with null is met.

If it can create the tables and get through the startup routines that
write/read these tables then I figure it must be working.

MySQL does work pretty much out of the box...
Add a user for xmlBlaster, turn on Networking in the MySQL
Config file, create the database and thats it.