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Re: [xmlblaster] Ldbc

Marcel Ruff wrote:

I have Oracle installed when i find time i'll look at it.

Cheers. Its pretty straight forward to build and uses ant.
I cheat and use xmlBlasters build.sh and copy ant over to the ldbc source tree. The howto on the web site as per the requirement tells how to switch off 1.4 code. I will recompile the driver for 1.3 in the mean time. Sorry about that oversight.

Yes... I am sure Michele could look at the diffs and figure something out... But. Its just I hate getting him to make changes to support Ldbc/MySQL or whatever. I can put watches on the relevant files and do the diffs.

Yes/No :-) The problem is that everything should be automatically
tested - otherwise one never knows if something broke or us outdated ...

Not sure what you mean here. The plugin uses the same tests as the common table plugin. Just change xmlBlaster properties and your testing.
Does it need additional tests?

One day we'll find a smart solution for this ;-)

There are many modules in xmlBlaster already (just think of the
python clients, JMX parts, Peter Antmans' jboss extensions ...) -
we definitely need automatic testcases for each piece and avoid
code duplication - how else shall we keep everything together?

One day we will all be millionairs to... :)
Jokes aside. Way out of my league. I just want to use xmlBlaster with MySQL to save running multiple databases. As far as the "keeping everything together" is concerned I will follow your lead.

OK, thanks for all this, we look towards a bright ldbc future ...

I am not that brave... You never know what could appear. Most certainly proving that an abstraction layer works is usefull. However there will be a cost in performance using an additional layer.