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Re: [xmlblaster] reconnect after server crash

Hi Kevin,
I tried several different combinations and was not able to reproduce the error you described.

Could you provide us with your:

xmlBlaster.properties file (server- and client side if you have several),

xmlBlasterPlugins.xml and command lines

and additionally which settings you have hardcoded in your ConnectQos ?


Kevin Priebe wrote:
Hi, we're having a problem with agents reconnecting after the xmlBlaster
server is restarted.

The problem seems to only happen when we use the htpasswd file.  We have
an agent called QManager authenticated through htpasswd and listening
for messages.

We then shutdown the server and restart while QManager is still
running.  QManager does not get any messages after this and we get these
errors while xmlBlaster is starting up:

[Nov 10, 2004 2:18:14 PM WARN ] Access is denied: XmlBlasterException
serverSideException=true location=[Session] message=[Authentication of
user QManager failed : ] [See URL

[Nov 10, 2004 2:18:14 PM WARN ] DEBUG ONLY: The server is in run level
STANDBY_PRE and not ready for connect():
message=Authentication of user QManager failed

[Nov 10, 2004 2:18:14 PM WARN ] startupPlugins. Exception when loading
the plugin 'subPersistence' reason:
errorCode=resource.configuration.pluginFailed message=Initializing of
plugin subPersistence failed:XmlBlasterException
serverSideException=true location=[AvailabilityChecker] message=[The
server is in run level STANDBY_PRE and not ready for connect() :
message=Authentication of user QManager failed] [See URL

I guess it's not ready to be connected to when it's starting up, but it never does connect. We don't have this problem when not using the password file.

We are still using xmlBlaster 0.91 and everything possible is set to be persistent. Thanks for any help.


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