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[xmlblaster] Problems running demos


I'm having some problems with xmlBlaster.

The first one has to do with running the server... I'm able to run it bi going into the lib directory an writing "java -jar xmlBlaster.jar" but have been unable to do it like stated in the "Cool demos" section : "java org.xmlBlaster.Main".
I've done this in the "/build.tmp/classes" directory but with no success.

More importantly.. i cannot start the demos :( If i do something like "java javaclients.graphical.GraphicChat" i get :

"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: CH/ifa/draw/contrib/MDI_DrawApplication"

Am i missing something? Do i need to download some more libraries ? Or set my classpath?

I'm really curious about xmlBlaster and would really like to see it working so i can use it in my undergoing project.

Best regards to all,