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[xmlblaster] UserGuide was: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/xmlBlaster/client/I_Callback


On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Dupuy, Robert wrote:

> Quote:
> You can not immagine how difficult it is to
> find somebody willing to do that job :(
> --
> You know I'm using xmlblaster now, I use it as an error message bus,
> which is why I need to support various clients, like vbscript, vba,
> vb.net, c#.net,  and java (so far, those are the only clients I
> need)...actually, in all cases I use the xmlrpc libraries, because as
> you all know from my many e-mails, I cannot get the activex bridge
> working, and...having some problems similar to nelson with the java
> client.   I need to put my java client inside the internal oracle jvm,
> and it is amazingly difficult to put the whole thing in there...a
> slimmed down java client would be much easier to load into the internal
> jvm, with all its various issues...
> Anyway....as far as writing a user document goes...I wish to contribute
> to your project, so, I've decided to come out of the blue and volunteer
> to do that...I don't know, maybe it's a large project for one person,
> but I could get it started.

Greate idea.

So how would we start this, I could think about a closed-wiki to start
collecting paragraphs and chapters.

Once we have some finally looking structure we could think about something
like docbook or so.

What do you think?