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RE: [xmlblaster] UserGuide was: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/xmlBlaster/client/I_Callback

>So how would we start this, I could think about a closed-wiki to start 
>collecting paragraphs and chapters.

>Once we have some finally looking structure we could think about
something like docbook or so.

>What do you think?



I am at my day job right now, so I will have to respond to this in more
detail later.
My initial thought is that, I agree that a structure needs to be worked
out as one of the first steps... Even though I have never used docbook
before, I glanced at it...and I think it is a good idea for the final
output too.

But hold off on doing a wiki.  I have edited some books before, as kind
of a hobby side business and I have an idea for a mechanism to collect
the paragraphs and content, I want to explore that idea...the more
confluence between this project and my other projects, the better,
because it will give me more of an excuse to put time into it :-)