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Re: [xmlblaster] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/xmlBlaster/client/I_Callback

Hi Nelson,

inEvo wrote:
Hi Michele,

We've ran the demos.. they're in fact pretty cool =) Now we're trying to pack one of them (SimpleChat) into a single jar, including the XmlBlasterClient.jar (this is the one needed for clients right? not the xmlBlaster.jar?), so that we can attempt to supply it via WebStart.. to access the ability of XmlBlaster to solve our problems...

Yes that's right. You can also specify which protocols to be included and some more features (see messages when invoking build).

The next step will be to embed XmlBlasterServer into our own application and provide it too via WebStart... this will be the foundation for our work.

Just one more question .. we wish to send Objects through messages.. in the previous version these were sent as XML... we're considering using something like XStream to serialize our objects ... these should then be sent in the topic of the message right? Or is there a better way to encode objects so they can be sent in the content section of the message?

When it comes to the content of the messages you can send what better fits your need. If I recall it right you wanted to use xmlBlaster not only for java clients (that's way you did not choose JMS) in which case I would avoid an approach where you send serialized java objects.

Another interesting option, provided your data can be mapped to keys/values, is to use the client properties of the publish qos.

regards Michele

At least an intro should be provided .. to get developpers going... Most of our doubts seam to be as silly as simple to solve but it's difficult to get the "big picture" when information is scattered across each of the requirements. One has to know beforehand what to look for.


Nelson Silva

Michele wrote:

Hi Nelson,
I am sorry but I am not familiar to maven either. I am sure what you need in resolving your NoClassDefFoundError is found on the maven documentation.

I think however you should start on the other end. Before you even start to build and strip things you should run the demos. I know the user guide is *really* needed. You can not immagine how difficult it is to find somebody willing to do that job :(

On the other hand the demos are very cool and very simple to be used (often the code itself speaks clearer than words).

More the install (http://www.xmlblaster.org/install.html) page shows you how easy it is to get running.

Once you get familiar that way, then building it is just a detail. By the way your problem on how to put a jar inside another jar:
try to expand all jars and build an own one:

jar xfv someJar.jar
jar xfv someOtherJar.jar

jar cfv complete.jar

should make it


inEvo wrote:


First of all i have to thank Michelle for the fast replies :D They're really helping us decide toward XmlBlaster.. as it compensates for its lack of documentation for starters...

We'll be using Xml Blaster to develop an agent oriented architecture that can be run natively or remotely...

We need to create jars... we're using Maven but have had problems creating jars for distributing applications...

First of all we're novices and have no idea how to make Maven include a Jar inside another one...

What we're trying to do, for starters, is create a Jar containg the SimpleChat Java client. We'd like it to contain all the classpath information necessary but we keep getting the following error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/xmlBlaster/client/I_Callback

Our Maven depencies look like this:

     <artifactId>xmlBlasterClient Jar</artifactId>

We've built the dist-client jar and put it in Maven's local repository so the build is succesful.. but the xmlBlasterClient.jar is not included in the produced jar.

Even if we run it with something like : java -classpath ~/xmlBlaster/dist-client/lib/xmlBlasterClient.jar -jar simpleChat-0.1.jar

We still get the same error....

I hope someone can give us a few pointers as we've found very little documentation on how to start a simple XmlBlaster application.

Nelson Silva