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Re: [xmlblaster] UserGuide was: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/xmlBlaster/client/I_Callback

My personal opinion is to start it already from the beginning in docbook. In fact one of the other topics on our long nice TODO list is the face-lifting of the xmlBlaster homepage.

This work has been started but is currently "put on hold" due to other priorities. We use forrest and the new requirements will be written in docbook (docbook 4.2). The status is such that we already have an xsl converting our exisiting requirements to docbook.

I was not really enjoying my first steps in docbook but I now got used to it and I started using it even for other documentation.

*Robert, I am really happy of hearing you are willing to contribute.* Of course if you have some ideas, both on the content and structure of such a guide and on the tecniques to be used let us know.



Heinrich Götzger wrote:

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Dupuy, Robert wrote:


You can not immagine how difficult it is to
find somebody willing to do that job :(


You know I'm using xmlblaster now, I use it as an error message bus,
which is why I need to support various clients, like vbscript, vba,
vb.net, c#.net,  and java (so far, those are the only clients I
need)...actually, in all cases I use the xmlrpc libraries, because as
you all know from my many e-mails, I cannot get the activex bridge
working, and...having some problems similar to nelson with the java
client.   I need to put my java client inside the internal oracle jvm,
and it is amazingly difficult to put the whole thing in there...a
slimmed down java client would be much easier to load into the internal
jvm, with all its various issues...

Anyway....as far as writing a user document goes...I wish to contribute
to your project, so, I've decided to come out of the blue and volunteer
to do that...I don't know, maybe it's a large project for one person,
but I could get it started.

Greate idea.

So how would we start this, I could think about a closed-wiki to start
collecting paragraphs and chapters.

Once we have some finally looking structure we could think about something
like docbook or so.

What do you think?