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Re: [xmlblaster] Change xmlBlaster to JDK 1.5 (and above) only

Heinrich Götzger wrote:


looking forward in terms of develompent is a good idea, I think. So I
would appreciate such a step.

But nevertheless there are some concerns or questions raising up:

1. We would freeze features and functions of xmlBlaster for JDK 1.4 and
older to Release 1.0.7, correct?

Yes, could be our approach.

2. If 1. applies, how would we handle bugfixing for the 1.0.7 part? We
would need to think about a branching strategy.


3. If 1. applies, what if we want features of the leeding edge
development having back in the 'old' part? We would need a back port
don't we?

Testing a Test.java with JDK 1.5 features (like templates, enum etc) is not
possible to compile for target 1.4:

 javac -target 1.4 -source 1.5 Test.java
 javac: source release 1.5 requires target release 1.5

So new code will only run with jdk 1.5 (or higher).
If new features are needed in 1.0.7 we need to backport
or code these parts JDK 1.4/1.3 compatible.