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Re: [xmlblaster] about message key oid

Cyrille Giquello wrote:


I'm thinking on the architecture of a new project and XmlBlaster will be the earth of it.
So, I need to study it in a fine way... what's hard for me !!

Is there advantages to force the message's key oid ?
Is it a performance hint ?

Yes you should prefer to name your kay oids (==topics) to avoid temporary topic creation and deletion.

Should I use short key oid and put other data in sub key elements ?

for example:

<key oid='bsm.admin' contentMime='text/xml'>

<key oid='bsm.admin.tools.freequestion.validate' contentMime='text/xml'>

For broadcast update, multiple subscribtion, fast distribution is there some preference between the two above propositions ?

Both is perfectly valid.
The markup should ease the possibility to query topics you need in your use case
with xpath. If you have only well named topic you probably never need xpath queries.


I hope it is not a tedious question ... ...