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Re: [xmlblaster] create subscribtion for another user

Hello Marcel,

Thank you for your answser, I will reflect to that solutions and re-examine the problem.

bye bye

Marcel Ruff wrote:

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

Hello xmlblaster's users and all developpers,

I would like to know if it is possible to create/add topic's subscribtions for another user.
I need that functionnality because userB does not know about topic, but userA know that userB need messages from that topic.

Here are some deeper details of my needs :
- there are a lot of userB and I would like to minize message broadcast.
- userA make some groups of userB.
- userB does not know in which group it belongs.
- userA want to send messages to groups.
- so userA create/add some topic's subscribtions for each userB (which is/are already logged or not logged yet).
- userA publish some messages on topic.
- userB logged in and get updates for that topic.

Do you think it is possible, or is there another way to resolve my need ???

1. You can subscribe with JMX: Open the jconsole and the session of a client and choose the "Operation" tabulator
to do so.

2. Any clientA can connect with a callback of clientB configured and subscribe as a delegate.
Note that this does not work with the SOCKET protocol (as it tunnels reusing the connection socket).

3. Any clientA can connect with the login/session of the clientB and highjacks its session to do the subscriptions.
The clientB which polls will finally reconnect to its session.
I clientB only receives callbacks and never publishes it is very simple like this (no need to connect itself, just
establish the callback server)

4. The sessions subscribe method is available by administrative commands,
but it has never been tested (how to pass the key and qos arguments).

5. But - if a clientB is capable to connect why shouldn't it do a subscribe on topic 'groupB' as well?


Thanks a lot for your lights. cyrille