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Re: [xmlblaster] create subscribtion for another user

5. But - if a clientB is capable to connect why shouldn't it do a subscribe on topic 'groupB' as well?

In my project, there are about 50 clients which will receive messages from differents topic.
There are about 5 managers wich will send messages to clients.
Some time one managers will send message to all clients, some time to only a "group" of clients.
But all manager have to receive each manager messages.

So, when a manager send message to all clients and managers, on pub/sub semantics is right.
But when a manager send message to a group of client, PtP semantics seems better. In that case, for one message I have to put a long list of destinations (all group's users and all manager).

I had the idea to use only pub/sub semantics by creating topic with the groupname when a group is the destination, like 'myApp.theTool.theAction.theGroup'.
The last part of the topic : 'theGroup' will make messages available to that group subscribers only.
But clients does not know about groups, so the manager which has created the group could add subscribtions for that group's users and for other managers to.

But it is not seems the right way ...

I go back to my paper and pencil ... to have a brainstorm with my head ;o)