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Re: [xmlblaster] GPRS / Different IP

Hi Balázs,
this problem is now fixed and committed in svn. Could you please give it
a try and let us know ?


Póka Balázs wrote:
> Hi!
> Sorry for the short addition, but I tested whether messages are passed
> normally after reconnection with _no_ IP change, and they do not.
> This might be a serious regression (since it had worked a few revisions
> back) or I am not familiar with some very recent API changes. :)
>     The problem is that messages (all are private and transient) are not
>     going through anymore when the connection is reestabilished. Sending
>     them is not throwing any exception, either (oneway or not). The
>     connection callback does not receive anything.
>     Am I correct to assume that I may use the "old" (pre-IP-change)
>     XmlBlasterAccess_I instance (I have not connected or disconnected)?
>     What might be the problem?
> regards,
> Balázs Póka