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Re: [xmlblaster] Re: minor socket ping/refreshSession method inconsistency?

Hi Póka,
we now made a change (available in the svn code). When the host is
unavailable it now throws a communication Exception.

This implies a change of behaviour for cases where a user specifies the
wrong hostname and has specified a positive session Id. In such cases it
would now go into POLLING mode even if the real reason was a
configuration error.

Could you please run your tests again ? Feedback is welcome as always.



Póka Balázs wrote:
> Hi Michele!
>     The code you show below has slightly changed since the last release
>     however I can see from the code that the behaviour you have has not been
>     solved yet. I think we need first to look at the impact of changing this
>     exception to be a communication exception before we make the change. As
>     soon as we have fixed the problem we let you know.
> Thanks for the reply. I'll be (usually) available and will test the
> fixed version when it's ready.
> regards,
> Balázs Póka